WRITING » Why is it difficult for some students to write?

Why is it difficult for some students to write?

The answer to this question is very easy. It must be born in mind that every action is a response to a particular motivator. We do not talk about spontaneous actions because they are meaningless since they are not responses to specific motivators. Let’s provide an illustration to an action and its motivator:

If you are hungry, for instance, you will look for the food to eat. The hanger here is a motivator and looking for the food is a response to this motivator. It is the same case with writing. That is to say, you will take your pen to write if you have a topic (problems; motivators). But, if you have no ideas about your topic on which you want to write, you have to be sure that you will not write anything. Let’s pose the following question: why do writers write a lot of books? They do in that they have problems and they have ideas about them. Their problems may be social, physical or other ones. These problems urge them to be creative and skilful in writing. Their writing is only a response to their problems and ideas. Those who have ideas about their problems and they are not writers have to know that their problem consists in being unable to response; therefore they are not creative and skilful.  Responding to motivators is sometimes difficult and that’s why it is very difficult for some students to translate their ideas and problems into writing.