Many people argue that watching comedy films is just a waste of time. However, it is my contention that watching comedy films is important in our life.

  The principle of comedy films is humour. We can say that humour is related to happiness, amusement, and pleasure. Humour really makes us happy and it helps us to forget our daily problems. In other words, if we have sense of humour, we can laugh. When we laugh, we will be in other world. Humour also gives us courage to solve our problems, for example, if someone has a lot of problems and he /she does not know how to solve them, humour will help him/her to find the solution by refreshing his/her brain.

  We can not talk about humour without mentioning its benefits in terms of health and society. Concerning the health, Humour really leads to laughter which can be a medicine for many psychological and physical illnesses. Laughter prevents some heart diseases; it relaxes the whole body; and it improves our mood. As to the society, humour affects it positively because it helps us to defuse our conflicts and tensions. Our relationships become stronger and stronger as a result.

  To sum up, humour has many advantages. So, we should watch comedy films from time to time

Written By : A.Elab