Subject pronouns
I / you/ he/ she/ it/ we/ you/ they
Object pronouns
Me/ you/ him/ her/ it/ us / you/ them
Possessive adjectives
My/ your/ his/ her/ its/ our/ your/ their
Possessive pronouns
Mine/ yours/ his/ hers/ ours/ yours/ theirs

  a)     Subject pronouns :   S + verb :   I go/ you eat/ she writes………………
  b)   Possessive adjectives: + noun :   my book/ her dog/ our class/…………
  c)   Object pronouns: can be a direct object of a verb:  
- I see Fatima  
- I see her
- she wants an apple 
-  she wants it
-Tom likes dogs 
Tom likes them .
d)   Possessive pronouns: usually come after or before verb to be:
-    This is our room   =   this room is ours
-   This is their car     =    this car is theirs
-   That car is theirs and this one is ours
-   Your  pen is green, but mine is blue
-   Her car is new, but   ours is old