Phrasal verbs

i.   Verb + object + particle (separable)

a)   Phrasal verbs are separable when they aretransitive (when they take a direct object)

e.g: -  count out a person  =   count a person out
- he takes off his coat  =   he takes his coat off
- he takes in hisfriend  =   he takes his friend in

b)   When a direct object is a pronoun, it mustbe between the verb and the particle.

e.g:  -  count  him out  /  he takes it off  / he takes him in

c)   Some transitive phrasal verbs are inseparable:

e.g:  - I’m looking for my glasses
 - I ran into my old friend.
 - my mother looks after the children

    ii.   Verb + particle (not separable):

 some phrasal verbs are not separable when they are intransitive (they do not take a direct object)
e.g:  - I get up at seven
  -  the plane takes off at eight o’clock