Writing Lessons » PARAPHRASING

                                                 The paraphrase

To write a good paraphrase, the following points should be taken into consideration:

1.Clarity:  the paraphrase must be easy as to read as the original if not easier. This includes correct grammar and spelling.

2.All-inclusive: the paraphrase must include all details, facts, thoughts, ideas, and aspects of original passage. Nothing must be left out, interpreted or added to it.

3.Vocabulary change: with the exception of key words and important terminology, the paraphrase must use alternate vocabulary. The new vocabulary should not change the meaning in any way as a result of a different connotation or a result of incorrectly chosen word.

4.Sentence-pattern change: the original sentence must use a new grammatical structure without significantly changing the original meaning. There is no shortage of alternate sentence patterns that can be used to rewrite a sentence.