WRITING » My experience as a primary school student

Narrative essay :

My experience as a primary school student

I still remember the day in which I went to the primary school with my elder brother. I was really afraid because it was my first time to see a lot of children. A few minutes later, I got rid of that fear because the school was wonderful. There were many trees and some flowers. There were students of different ages; some of them were in my age or in the age of my elder brother. When I went in the class, I saw many tables and a desk of the teacher. It was the first time to see such things.After everybody had taken his or her place, the teacher came in and he told us“hello my lovely kids. As you know, you are new students and you are in the first class, you are really welcome” and then he ordered us to introduce ourselves. When my turn came, I was really brave and I said in a high voice “my name is Elhoussine ”. After that, I knew a lot of students who would become my friends. It was really a wonderful day.

Written By: H. AIT MO