WRITING » experience of a primary school student (02)

I still remember how it was in the primary school with my own friends. We really  had unforgettable adventures.

There was a teacher who affected my life. Her name was “Zhour”. She respected and helped everybody.We all loved her. I really remember when she punished me when I got lazy and when I had cheated for the first time in my life. Thanks to that great teacher,she taught me how to depend on myself. She was really a good and straight woman.

Two years later,I and my friends created a school magazine and gave it to our teachers. It was really simple magazie, but all the teachers encouraged us to do our best in the following time ; and of course we did.   Our magazine became famous in the school then. Thanks to the encouragements of our teachers that motivated and inspired us.


                                                         Omyma. Bela