At the present time, many students leave school before the age of sixteen because of many reasons. So, what are the causes that push those students to drop out of school? What are the consequences of this serious phenomenon?

In fact,there are many reasons that push some the students to leave school at early age. Poverty is really considered as one of the main causes because the majority of students leave school and they work in order to support their families. Distance between school and where some students live is also considered as anobstacle that prevents them to continue their study. In addition to that, some students think that going to school is just a waste of time and money.

As a result of dropping out of school at early age, the rate of illiterated people increases. The rate of drugs, theft and crimes is also increased. All this makes our society unsafe.

To sum up,dropping out of school is really a serious phenomenon that endangers the future of our country and the ministry of national education must find some effective solutions that will enable us to overcome it totally.

                                                    written by:  SAID MAY