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1. In spite of, despite, although :
a. In spite of / despite:
-   In spite of/ despite the cold , she went out in shorts
-   In spite of/ despite his wealth ,Farid does not give alms to the poor.
-   In spite of / despite having enough money, he refuses to buy a car.
-   In spite of / despite being illiterate, some women use the magazine’s pictures as resources for making dress.

Form :  In spite of / despite + noun/ pronoun/ verb+ing
b.   Although:
-   Although it rained a lot, we enjoyed the holiday
-   We enjoyed the holiday although it rained alot
-   Although it was cold, shewent out in shorts
-   Although he is rich , Farid doesnot give alms to the poor.
Form:   although + s + verb

2.   However, nevertheless, yet :
-   The book is expensive. Nevertheless , many people buy it.
-   Johnis terrified of flying. Nevertheless , he flies to London at least once a month because of his work
-   Frank is very shy. However , his sister is very outgoing.
-   Some Moroccan women are illiterate. However ,they benefit from pictures in magazines