Compound adjectives

1) Definition
Compound adjectives “consist of two words normally separated by ahyphen. The second element is usually a present participle (-ing) or pastparticiple (-ed or irregular). e.g: hand-made/ well-dressed/ good-looking”

2) The patterns of compound adjectives:
A. [ adjective + noun + past participle (-ed or irregular)]
a) My mother has a kind heart   my mother is a kind-hearted
b) He wrote with the left hand   he is a left-handed
c) A girl with brown eyes   a brown-eyed girl
d) A man with long hair   a long-haired man

B. [ adjective + verb + ing (present participle)]
a) He looks good he is good-looking
b) A person who looks good   a good-looking person

C. [ noun + verb + ing ]
a) IRAQ produces oil   IRAQ is an oil-producing country
b) Tiger that eats men   a man-eating tiger
c) A country where people speak English   an English-speaking country.
d) People speak Arabic in Morocco  Morocco is an Arabic-speaking country
e) Tafilalet is a region that produces dates Tafilalet is a date-producing region

D. [adverb + verb +ing]
a) This student works hard   he is a hard-working student
b) This story never ends it is a never-ending story

E. [ adverb + past participle]
a) We have brightly-lit streets / we have brightly-coloured dresses
b) The meal was cooked well     it was a well-cooked meal

F. [compound adjectives with numbers]
a) Their daughter is five years old they have a five-year-old daughter.
b) He lent me a bill of seven dollars he lent me a seven-dollar bill
NB: don’t add “s” of plural to the compound adjectives, but add it only to the noun that comes after them