A. short adjectives (one syllable adjectives)

a)   To short adjectives, we add “er” .

                                Cheap   er  =  cheaper  
                               This book is cheaper than this chair

                                Tall + er =  taller  
                                Ali is taller than Ahmed

b)   One syllable adjective ending in “e” + “r”.

                                  Brave  + r  =  braver  
                                Samira is braver than Ahmed

                                 large  + r  =  larger  
                                 My house is larger than our class

c)   One syllable adjective ending in: “consonant + y” =  ier

                                   Easy  =  easier  
                                 English is easier than French

                                  Heavy  =  heavier  
                                 The desk is heavier than the chair.

d)   One syllable adjective ending in one vowel + consonant, we double the consonant and add “er”

                                    Hot  =  hot + t + er  =  hotter    
                                  Fes is hotter than Rabat

                                   big  =  big + g + er   =  bigger  
                                  The bus is bigger than the car

B.   To long adjectives(with two or more syllables), we add “more”

                                   more  expensive/    more interesting
                                  Reading a book is more interesting than watching TV

C.   Irregular comparatives:

  good  = better / bad  =   worse / far =   farther / little = less / well  = better

D.   As + adjective + as:

                   Fatima is as good as Ahmed
                  Ali is as tall as Ahmed
  We use “as + adjective + as” to say that two things or persons are equal in some way.

E.   Not as + adjective + as:

                  Ahmed is not as good as Fatima
                  Ahmed is not as short as Driss
  We use “ not as + adjective + as” to say that two things or persons are not equal in some way.