Words that gowith “do”:

·     To do the house work
·    To do a test
·     To do a job
·     To do some one a favour
·      To do shopping
·      To do harm
·     To do yourhair
·     To do thedishes
·     To do th elaundary
·     To do  or worst
·    To do your nails or hair
·     To do cooking or washing
·     To do everything
·     To do business to do a favour
·      To do good
·      To do well
·      To do yourtime
·     To do nothing
·      To do yourwork

Words that gowith “make”:  

·     To make a mess
·    To make a mistake
·    To make the beds
·    To make noise
·    To make a wish
·    To make a promise
·    To make a speech
·    To make a telephone call
·    To make an apology
·    To  make a cake
·    To make difference
·    To make a dress
·    To make a remark
·    To make a list
·    To make a plan
·    To make a report
·    To make an effort
.  To make breakfast, lunch
·    To make money or fortune
·    To make a decision
·    To make an excuse
·    To make friends
·    To make love
·    To make a move
·    To make a sound
·    To make suggestion
·    To make time
·    To make a choice
·    To make a comment
·    To make amends
·    To make arrangements
·    To make a profit
·    To make a cup of tea