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Cause-effect essay:

Brain drain

or what is called human capital flight is a phenomenon which threatens a lot of African countries. This phenomenon is defined as the massive emigration of highly skilled people from poor countries towards rich ones. What are the causes and the effects of this serious phenomenon?
Highly skilled people leave their countries because of many reasons: wars and the lack of security, poverty and starvation, looking for a better salary and better  working conditions.
Brain drain has a lot of negative effects on the countries of origin, for example, the governments spend billions of dollars and many years to educate people in order to make them good citizens, but when they graduate, they leave their countries in favour of the rich cones. Their countries do not benefit from their services. The function of the poor countries is just to prepare highly skilled people for the rich ones without any compensation.
 I think that governments of the poor countries must stop this serious phenomenon by encouraging highly skilled people to set up their own projects. In addition to that, the  governments should offer and foster intellectual freedoms, develop the domain of education, and offer security to all citizens.
 I advise you, brothers and sisters to stay in your countries because you can not find what is better than your countries. you should know that U.S.A and Europe are not the paradise as you imagine. Believe me; leaving towards these countries will not be the solution of your problems. you must Stay in your countries and help them to overcome their problem and contribute to their development effectively; and then all your problems will be solved totally.

Written by: MA.ELYA