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 It has been argued that the young people are not capable to engage in political life because they do not have any experience and they find a lot of difficulties and problems in this domain. But, I think that the young people have many capacities that will enable them to take
part in political life, for example, they are intelligent and helpful, knowledgeable,and optimistic. In addition to this, some of the young people who have anopportunity to participate in political life have proved that they are reallyqualified leaders in this domain. To conclude, the young people should be given a chance to participate in political life in order to contribute to developmentof their country.

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By: INSIGHTS | March 18, 2015

Brain drain can be defined as immigration of technically skilled people from their original country to another one. It is remarkable that this phenomenon is one of the most complex problems that menace poor countries. So, what are the causes and the consequences of the phenomenon? And what are the solutions that can be suggested?

  Concerning the causes of brain drain, highly skilled people are living in bad circumstances in their own countries and they are not well paid for their work. Besides, their own countries have a few job opportunities and a lot of problems, for example, political conflicts, dictatorship, terrorism, discrimination, diseases, and poverty. In addition to this, some poor countries are overpopu...

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I still remember the day in which I went to the primary school with my elder brother. I was really afraid because it was my first time to see a lot of children. A few minutes later, I got rid of that fear because the school was wonderful. There were many trees and some flowers. There were students of different ages; some of them were in my age or in the age of my elder brother. When I went in the class, I saw many tables and a desk of the teacher. It was the first time to see such things.After everybody had taken his or her place, the teacher came in and he told us“hello my lovely kids. As you know, you are new students and you are in the first class, you are really welcome” and then he ordered us to introduce ourselves. When my t...

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or what is called human capital flight is a phenomenon which threatens a lot of African countries. This phenomenon is defined as the massive emigration of highly skilled people from poor countries towards rich ones. What are the causes and the effects of this serious phenomenon?
Highly skilled people leave their countries because of many reasons: wars and the lack of security, poverty and starvation, looking for a better salary and working conditions.
Brain drain has a lot of negative effects on the countries of origin, for example, the governments spend billions of dollars and many years to educate people in order to make them good citizens, but when they graduate, they leave their countries in favour of the rich con...

By: INSIGHTS | March 10, 2015

It is claimed that the young people should not participate in political life.However, it is my contention that we have to give them a chance to take part in political life.

As it is known to everybody, the young people reprents a large proportion of the world’s population. The majority of the young people are gifted and have some special capacities. So, they can contribute to development of our country. Inother words, they are really the pillars of the country. It goes without saying that participation of the young people in political life is one their rights, and that’s why we have to give them a chance to express their ideas and invest their talents in different vital domains, in particular, political life.
Finally, the...