The verb "be" in the present simple

   A.  Choose the correct form of the verb “be”:  
  are/ am / is/ am not/ is not/ are not

   -   It is not cold today, but it is very hot.
   - I  am not at home ,but I am at school.
   - They are not Korean, but they are American.
   - These  are students.
   - I am ok thanks.
   - Ahmed andFatima  are good friends.
   - she is an English teacher.

    B.   Complete with the negative form of the verb “be” (isn’t / aren’t) the following sentences:

- This book isn't mine.
- My brother isn't here at the moment.
- It isn't Monday today.
- My name isn't Farida.

C. Complete the following sentences with: am/are/ is

- My father is at work
- Trixi and Felix are my cats
- My green pen is on the floor. The other pens are in my pen case
- My mother is in the kitchen
- Susan and Betty are good friends
- we  are friends