a. After Fred had spent his holiday in Italy, he wanted to learn Italian.
b. Jill had phoned. Albert at work before he left for a trip.
c. Susan turned on the radio after her had washed the dishes.
d. When she arrived the match had already started
e. After the man had came home, he fed the cat.
f. Before he sang a song, he had played the guitar.
g. She watched a video after the children had gone to bed.
h. After Zahra had made break fast, she phoned her friend.
i. The storm destroyed sand castle that we had built
j. My brother ate all the cake that our mum had made
k. The doctor took off the plaster that he had put six weeks before.
l. I could not remember the poem we had learnt the week before.
m. The waiter bought a drink that I had not ordered
n. He phoned Fatima before he went to see her in London.

a. They had been waiting at the station for 2 hours when the train finally arrived
b. I was Very tired because I had been studying too much.
c. We had been looking for Her ring for 3 hours and then we found it in the bathroom.
d. How long had she been learning English before she went to London?
e. I had not been working all day, so I was not tired and went to the club at night.
f. He had been driving less than an hour when ran out of the petrol.
g. BeforeJim finally decided to go to Morocco, he had been thinking about it for months.
h. They had eaten all the chocolate by the time Samira got to the party.
i. When the doctor told him his liver was seriously bad, he had been eating hamburgers for a month.