Agreeing and disagreeing with opinions

I. Respond to the following statements asindicated:

a. I think women are more patient with children than men
you: (express complete disagreement)
b. Living in the city is very pleasant
→ you: (disagree and give a reason)
c. Watching TV for meis a waste of time
→ you: (disagree and give a reason)
d. Science and technology will destroy the world someday. Don’t you think so?
e. Women should be given a great role today
→ you: (give your opinion)
f. Experimenting on animals is useful
 → you: (express agreement)
g. Investing in youth is investing in the future of the country
→ you: (express total agreement)

II. Agree or disagree with the followingopinions:

a. Students should be allowed to use mobile phones at schools
b. When you open a school, you close a person. Would you agree with this?
c. We won’t need English language in our future.
d. I think women should be allowed more at the parliament.